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Having someone on your team when it comes to your Macintosh is vital.
The CyberTechie is here to help and to be that team player. He’s invested the time to know the Macintosh inside and out so you don’t have to. The CyberTechie also believes in developing strong relationships with his clients and he has a genuine interest in what you do with your Mac.

As you and your company grow, so do your Mac needs and the CyberTechie wants to be there to help when it’s time to upgrade or when trouble strikes by offering the best solutions that fit your budget.

Whether it’s your home office or the Local Area Network, the CyberTechie has the experience and know-how to help find the solution. Email or call him today to schedule a consultation. Let the CyberTechie be your Macintosh solution.

Los Angeles, CA
323.788.1600 Cell
iChat/AIM: mactire777

Need to get your web presence known? Still don’t have a satisfactory web site online? The CyberTechie can get you where you want to be. He offers full web design and layout, logo design and illustration. CyberTechie can also offer suggestions on hosting solutions.