Cast and Crew Bios

  Paul Darrigo grew up in New Jersey. He studied Martial Arts for 12 years and attained the 3rd degree level of black belt in Kung Fu. This led to studying stage combat and becoming a fight coordinator. Some of his TV acting credits include “Judging Amy”, “Passions”, and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He will be cast in one of the leads in the upcoming film “Stingers” released by Fox video in November. He has also directed and produced a music video, and will also act and shoot the short film, “The FBI Guys” which he has written as well. Paul also volunteers for LA Animal Services which operates all 5 city shelters. Please save an

Paul Darrigo

  Lance J. Holt has been acting professionally on the West Coast since 1983. Primarily plying his trade on the stage, he has recently made the move to the “City of Angels” to  focus on film and television voice-over and on-camera acting.

Originally from San Jose, California, he has traveled to over fifteen countries entertaining our troops with the Dept. of Defense Overseas Shows Division, performing murder mysteries where they need it most - like Bosnia, Italy, Iceland, Greenland, Spain, Turkey and Greece! Here at home, Lance has performed with the Seattle Children’s Theatre, The Seattle Repertory Theatre, Ft. Worth Shakespeare in the Park, and Portland’s Storefront Theatre. He began his training at San Jose State University, progressing to the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts in Santa Maria and the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Washington.

Among his favorite credits in the voice-over field are 15 pirate voices for the Discovery Channel’s “Pirates: Captain’s Quest,” several American and British WWII pilots in the History Channel’s “The Color of War,” and several wacky characters in the Hugo series of edutainment CD games from ITE-USA.

On camera, Lance has starred in the High Definition DV shortfilm, PinMonkeys,” and as Fisher Prescott: Deputy Director of the CIA in the popular internet series, Dark Commandos.”

Lance J. Holt