Synopsis of the FBIguys

Phil Angelino and Bob Connelly are two very unsatisfied Federal employees. They work as civilians with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as clerks in the New Applicant Department. They file reports, retype background checks, file reports, redirect phone calls and... er... file reports, ad nauseum.

At a post-assignment party for an undercover agent after-hours, Bob and Phil become acutely aware of just how far afield they've gone from “finding their bliss.” They both get a glimpse of what it’s like to live for a purpose and they formulate a plan to get back on track. If they can just crack a case and contribute something really worthwhile to the department, they might just find their way into the academy... in spite of their mature age. It’s been done before, admits Bob, though very rarely. Bob however, doesn’t want to go against protocol, but Phil is ready to move now. Bob is reluctantly willing to help his compatriot out, but it isn't until he and Phil are really pushed, that he puts his whole heart into the effort.

Few have been as determined to make a difference as these two... and none have had this much gall!
Pooling their unique resources (computer hacking and verve), they devise a plan to link previously unconnected inter-departmental databases. The end result leads them to a notorious Yakusa boss and a very unexpected (and hilarious) confrontation that only the Federal Bureau of Investigation can rescue them from.

There is gunfire aplenty. Action, laughs, danger, and valuable life lessons learned along the way.