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Title Captain
DEATH:Killed by a sniper at Liberty, Mississippi.
HISTORICAL: Chapter 38; The Siege of Port Hudson, LA;
Lieutenant-Colonel, Commander J.H.Wingfield of the 9th Louisiana Battalion
Partisan Rangers (Wingfield's Cavalry) writes concerning Capt. Turner:
....It is with pleasure that I must make special mention of the gallant conduct
of Captains Turner, Amacker, and Morgan in the manner in which they carried out
the instructions given them and the promptness with which they kept me informed
of the movements of the enemy. It is also gratifying to me to be able to report
that both officers and men engaged (note: including Pvt. Elijah Kemp -
L.J.H.)behaved with the utmost coolness and bravery, and, by their conduct,
drove ten times their number....
T.Friend Willson, Asst. Adjutant-General also adds in an addendum dated 23
May, 1863 : It is with much pleasure the major-general commanding announces to
the troops a successful skirmish of Colonel Wingfield's Partisan Rangers with
the whole force of the enemy's cavalry, in which the enemy were several times
repulsed, and finally driven back with considerable loss.
These examples of heroic conduct are cheering to us all, and will convince
the enemy that we are determined to defend this post to the last.

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