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The Adventure Reel • Clips from History Channel docudramas and the ABC pilot, "Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas" (Directed by Tommy Schlamme with special guest star, Hal Holbrook!) as well as some fun indie films.

Period Drama • From the short film, "The Naked City."

One Minute Reel • Scenes from two well-crafted independent films: "Hitman" and "Sister of Night." Warning: Contains Adult Language.

Tripoli SelectsSelect images from "The Battle of Tripoli" filmed on location in Morocco. This montage was edited by my dear friend Aeolan Kelly.

Pure ActionVisually stunning shots from "Battle of Tripoli" filmed on location in Morocco and in Boston Harbor in 2004

The Goofy Stuff • A mix of live-action and animation clips.

The Dramatic Reel • Scenes from "Blood Ties" and "Room for Error."

Longer scenes and extra/ more specific footage

Captain Cook’s Extraordinary AtlasHere I play Captain Cook for the ill-fated pilot for ABC. The pilot episode was really good and very engaging. Quite the shame that it didn't get picked up.

PinMonkeys Music Video/ Trailer • New link coming soon

The Naked City • New link coming soon

The Hitman • New link coming soon

The FBI Guys • New link coming soon

Sinfully Yours • New link coming soon

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