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The FBI Guys - Winner! Best Drama - ITV Festival

The Naked City ~ David Parkin's Brookes Institute Noir Homage Film

True Caribbean Pirates on the History Channel


Exciting works in progress: Nightshift Audio Productions has begun production of it's first product: Raymond Chandler’s “Trouble Is My Business” followed by the two audiobook titles, "The O'Flynn" by Justin Huntly McCarthy, and "Moonfleet" by J. Meade Falkner. Yes, I realize this is getting off to a slow start, but we are finally moving in the forward direction! More news on this as it develops. Stay tuned!

Lance Holt, Paul Darrigo, and Joel Spence bring home the gold with, “The FBI Guys.” The film won Best Drama in the first annual Independent Television Festival here in Los Angeles.

“The Naked City,” an independent short film by David Parkin, shot with love and extreme attention to detail in homage of the noir cinema. This one hits all the marks and should do astoundingly well in the festivals (do I sound biased?)

The History Channel's production of “True Caribbean Pirates” was very well received and has dwarfed last year‘s "The Battle of Tripoli" in terms of audience reaction and feedback.

You may also get the chance to see Lance beheaded in "The Soldier of God" from Anabasis Films. Lance is a featured sword wielder and all-around actor/combatant. Update: Really well-done film, but don't strain your eyes looking for yours truly. The featured beheading is a nanosecond and the rest is equally brief. Ah... such is the actor's life.

Frontier Studios’ latest animation short, “Over the Moon,” gives Lance the opportunity to voice the evil Lord Fiddle and the good Professor Syd in an outstanding example of the animator’s art in the tradition of “Iron Giant.” Update: This animated short was selected to air during a recent NICKtoons animation festival, I know it was well received, but I don't know if it won best of the fest? Let me know if you saw it.

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