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Commercial Characteristics: 20s - 30s. All American, charming, conversational, real, compassionate, easy-going, funny, sarcastic, vital, upbeat, animated and confident, campy, happy-go-lucky, optimistic, high-energy, hip, in-your-face, smart ass, lovable, matter-of-fact. A guy's guy, young dad, regular joe, MTV Veejay, salesperson, Hollywood type. A protest leader-liberal, college student and intellectual... “a hip geek.”

Animation Style: Wild and wacky! Extremely versatile. Ethnic characters a specialty.

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Specific Accents or Characters for your exacting needs: The Pirate Collection

The Village Idiot
Cornwall region

Colonial Governor
Standard British
Plantation Owner
Theatrical French
Rude Sailor
East London
French and Moroccan
Privateer Recruiter
Standard British
The Pirate’s Parrot
Amazona Collaria
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