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May of 2004 was very exciting. I flew off to Morocco to star in a new History Channel docudrama (produced by Indigo Films) entitled, "The Battle of Tripoli."

"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli." Everyone knows  the first line of the Marine's Hymn, but few are familiar with the dramatic battle that inspired these famous words. We tell the remarkable story of William Eaton (Lance Holt) and his heroic but outrageous plan to overthrow the powerful Mediterranean nation of Tripoli and free 307 American hostages in 1805. Filmed aboard the USS Constitution in Boston harbor and on location in Morocco, we relive the U.S. Marine's first battle on foreign soil.

Keep your eyes open on the Lifetime Network, when I am taken hostage by a deranged ex-employee and get my leg blown to bits! <ouch!> On "What Should You Do?" Episode: "Finger on the Trigger."

I've also just finished voicing several supporting characters in five new anime series from New Generation Pictures. Including "Texhnolyze," "IkkiTousen," "R.O.D the TV," "Rumiko Takahashi Anthology," and "Paranoia Agent."

If you have the Discovery Channel, you may want to watch out for the new series, "Reasonable Doubt,"(produced by Pilgrim Films) wherin I re-enact the husband of a woman beaten to near-death. This is a true life series that raises questions about closed cases.

All in all, I would say it's been an excellent year. I look toward the New Year as an even better future. May yours be just as dynamic.

Here are a few production stills of the Battle of Tripoli

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