A short tale of the betrothed couple. Who they are as individuals. How they met, and why they belong together.

A couple... of silly wickets!

Master Lance has from the moment of his birth been misplaced in time. A living anachronism. Though comfortable in the 21st Century, he has always felt equally at home in alternative time. He always gravitated toward the elder members of his illustrious house, listening to their stories of familial tradition. Thus began his lifelong quest for a real connection with his past. He is the self-appointed Herald of the Holts and the designer of the armorial seen to your right.

Though Master Lance and Lady Ellen have chosen a medieval theme, they are both “Renaissance People” in every sense of the word. Both are artists, vocalists, designers, actors, creative writers and inventive thinkers.

Ellen is a screenwriter among so many other things, and has completed a brilliant pilot script for a series set in the not-to-distant future on a newly colonized Moon (“Colony”), and she cast Lance as one of her characters. Thus a friendship began that blossomed into love a few months later. Lady Ellen, in her guise as costume designer and seamstress extraordinaire fully costumed her eccentric love for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire when said eccentric was invited to play “Captain John Davis” with the Gentlemen Adventurers. The following year, when Lance had the good fortune to be cast as “Sir Henry Morgan” in a History Channel docudrama, Ellen’s costume so impressed the costume designers on that show, that not only did they use Ellen's creations for Lance‘s character, but they then hired her for their next project, “Standing Tall at Auschwitz” to create the performance costumes for the “The Lilliput Troupe.”
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