In the middles ages weddings were a high social event. A chance to dress up; see people you might not normally run into and party. Nothing much has changed. After the ceremony were are going to have a small feast. One that would be appropriate for the Lord of a small country village in the style that our medieval ancestors practiced

Please bring the following:
A cup made of wood, pewter or silver tied to the belt with a cord of leather by the handle or stem. (this depends on your class) A simple spoon of same materials and a knife. The knife should not be a weapon but one made for eating. Glass or pottery goblets were rarer but also appropriate. Medieval people carried these items with them all time. There was no take-out and no disposable paper plates to be had.

Please do not bring a fork unless you decide to be an Italian person. If you do decide to go in that direction... please dress appropriately and be prepared to be jeered at. Forks were considered crazy at that time and those that used them were laughed at.

Forks will not be allowed at the feast for the English folk. They used their knives, spoons and hands.

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