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Individual Record for: Verginio Marcellos DE FRIAS (male)

    Marcelo De FRIAS
  Manuel De FRIAS      Family Record
Verginio Marcellos DE FRIAS      Family Record Maria CANDIDA
Jose Pereira TAVARES ++
  Libana De JESUS      Family Record
    Rosa (jesus) CANDIDA ++

Spouse Children
Maria Christina DE SOUSA
  (Family Record)
Manuel FRIAS
Maria Franselina PEREIRA
  (Family Record)
Maria Diamantina DE FRIAS

Event Date Details
Birth 1 MAR 1886 Place: Cabouco, Lagoa, Sao Miguel, Açores
Death 15 MAR 1947 Place: New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts
Burial   Place: New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, Rural Cemeteryy
!DEATH:Name on death certificate is spelled "Virginio"
TRADITION:Virginio died in his home at 46 Mosher St., New Bedford, Massachusetts.
His wife had a photograph made of the two of them nine years after
Virginio's death. They were actually nine years apart in age, but in
the photograph, the couple were the same age.
He worked in the New Bedford textile mills, where he met his
second wife, Maria Christina de Sousa.
MORTALITY:Virginio died of an intestinal obstruction - carcinomatosis.
NATURALIZATION:#5823532; New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, 22 Jan 1943;
Virginio was 56 years old, described as dark complexioned, brown eyes, mixed
grey hair, 5'5'', 140 lbs.
OCCUPATION:"Mill Operative".

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