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Individual Record for: Maria Christina DE SOUSA (female)

  Jose Silveira DE SOUSA       
Maria Christina DE SOUSA      Family Record  
  Maria Emelia ?       

Spouse Children
Verginio Marcellos DE FRIAS
  (Family Record)
Manuel FRIAS

Event Date Details
Birth 28 JUN 1895 Place: , Terceira, Angra D'Heroismo, Açores
Death 24 JUL 1988 Place: Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California
Burial 30 JUL 1988 Place: Rural Cemeteryy, New Bedford, Massachusetts
DOCUMENT:Certificate of Registration from the Civil Govt. of Angra Do
Heroismo dated 21 Dec 1920.
BURIAL:Certification #3397; 27 Mar 1947; Mary Frias purchased a
Cemeteryy plot at the Rural Cemeteryy for the sum of $84.00; plot #407,
section 200.
NATURALIZATION:#7154981; petition #40531; 11 Jun 1953; She is
described as having a medium complexion, hazel eyes, brown-grey hair,
5'5'', 125 lbs. She had a slash on the top of her left hand above the
DOCUMENT:Passport issued by the civil govt. of Angra Do Heroismo, 21 Dec
1920. American Passport issued 28 Jun 1895.

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