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Individual Record for: Wilhelm HOHLT (male)

  Wilhelm F. HOHLT       
Wilhelm HOHLT      Family Record  
  Eliza ?       

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Birth 1866 Place: , Illinois
I have searched Chicago, Cook Co. 1870 indexes with no obvious correct match.
There was however a Frederick Holt of 38 years from Prussia with a wife Augusta
of 32 years. They had an 8 yr. old: Julius; a 6 yr. old: Caroline; a 4 yr. old:
Olto; and a 4 month old named William. Could this be William Sr. brother's
family, or could Eliza be a second wife, or am I "barkin' up the wrong tree!"
I need to check indexes for all other counties in 1870 Illinois. I've had
no success with the 1860 census.
!MARRIAGE: Film #1034201, Batch #M586721, Sheet #0083, First Lutheran Church,
Sebastian, Fort Smith, ARK

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