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Individual Record for: Wilhelm F. HOHLT (male)

Wilhelm F. HOHLT         

Spouse Children
Eliza ?
  (Family Record)
Wilhelm HOHLT
Fredrich W. "FRITZ" HOLT

Event Date Details
Birth 1832 Place: , Prussia
Death ABT JAN 1895 Place: Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas, (Greenwood Dist)
Burial   Place: Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas, Laird Cemeteryy
I have on file an Appraisement of William Holt's property at the request of
his widow, Eliza. total valuation: $207.00 it included, among other things,
one yellow mule about 10 years old; one red and white spotted cow about
11 years old with calf by her side; one sow and six pigs; 9 shoals; one wagon
and harness; one old buggy; one lot of old plow tools; about one barrel of
wine; and household and kitchen furniture. Subscribed and sworn to this 3rd
day of Nov., 1894 -Sebastian county, greenwood Dist. Greenwood
Courthouse, case #598 "William Holt" (501) 996-4195 Barbara Stewart
assisted me.

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