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Individual Record for: Fredrich W. "FRITZ" HOLT (male)

  Wilhelm F. HOHLT       
Fredrich W. "FRITZ" HOLT      Family Record  
  Eliza ?       

Spouse Children
Ollie Lugene JETTON
  (Family Record)
Gordon William HOLT
Charley Leroy HOLT
Elmer Bert HOLT
Fred Madison HOLT
Louie HOLT
Loyd Robert HOLT
Floyd Raymond HOLT
Gertrude Pauline "GERTIE" HOLT

Event Date Details
Birth 25 MAR 1872 Place: Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas
Death 12 AUG 1936 Place: Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas
Burial   Place: Lavaca, Sebastian, Arkansas, Hickory Ridge C.
TRADITION: says that Fredrich was born on the ship from Germany. He was
born the same year that his father and mother arrived in Sebastian county.
The 1880 census states that his brother William was born fourteen years
previous in Illinois. This leads me to believe that his "birth en route" was on
a wagon, or train as opposed to a ship.
Ruth Holt has said that "Fritz" died in Charleston, Franklin county, Ark.,
but I have been unable to verify this as yet. He may be buried at the
Lavaca Cemeteryy.
MARRIAGE:Possibly married in 1895.
TRADITION:"Couldn't read or write but talked English. They rented, never
owned their own home." - as per Rene Harvey.
!CENSUS:Marion Township; Sebastian Co.; Arkansas; 12 June 1880.
Marion Twnsp; Sebastian; Arkansas; 20 June 1900; Enum. Dist. #118, sheet
20, line 65.
Sebastian County; Arkansas; 1910; Enum. Dist. #142, line 65.

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