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Individual Record for: Gertrude Pauline "GERTIE" HOLT (female)

    Wilhelm F. HOHLT
  Fredrich W. "FRITZ" HOLT      Family Record
Gertrude Pauline "GERTIE" HOLT      Family Record Eliza ?
Amziah Gordon JETTON ++
  Ollie Lugene JETTON      Family Record
    Realy Jane O'NEAL ++

Event Date Details
Birth 2 NOV 1912  
TRADITION:Ruth Holt has said that Gertie had the family Bible, but Gertie had
always denied that she had it to me. Her daughter Wanda found two German Bibles
and Frits' marriage certificate among Aunt Gertie's possessions, but after
several attempts to confirm this and/or receive photocopies, I have yet to hear
from her.

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