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Individual Record for: Elmer Bert HOLT (male)

    Wilhelm F. HOHLT
  Fredrich W. "FRITZ" HOLT      Family Record
Elmer Bert HOLT      Family Record Eliza ?
Amziah Gordon JETTON ++
  Ollie Lugene JETTON      Family Record
    Realy Jane O'NEAL ++

Spouse Children
Ruth Edna BARTON
  (Family Record)
Edna Lucille HOLT
Elmer Duane HOLT

Event Date Details
Birth 3 OCT 1904 Place: Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas
Death 19 MAR 1981 Place: San Jose, Santa Clara, California
Burial   Place: Oak Hill Cemetery, Santa Clara, California
!BIRTH:Soc. Sec. Dept. has listed Elmer, Sr.'s Birth date as 04 Oct 1904
Ruth Holt has reported 03 Oct 1904 as "Bud's" birthdate.
Delayed birth certificate file confirms 03 Oct 1904. (1966)
Born in a place called "Cavanaugh" according to Ruth Holt.
MARRIAGE:Poteau, Le Flore, OK; 11 Dec 1926.

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