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Individual Record for: Alice Ophelia KEMP (female)

    Thomas KEMP ++
  Elijah KEMP      Family Record
Alice Ophelia KEMP      Family Record Sidney TURNER ++
Warren Jackson ALFORD ++
  Lacy Ann ALFORD      Family Record
    Celia Ann LEWIS ++

Spouse Children
Yearby Franklin "YEARB" BARTON
  (Family Record)
Edgar Lee BARTON
Rosa Calpernia BARTON
Benjamin Franklin BARTON
William Yearby BARTON
Ruth Edna BARTON
Desti Roberta BARTON
Barney Albert BARTON

Event Date Details
Birth 28 MAY 1880 Place: Mississippi
Death 3 FEB 1957 Place: San Jose, Santa Clara, California
Burial FEB 1957 Place: S. C. City Cemetery, San Jose, Santa Clara county, California
TRADITION:She was married in a double ceremony with her surviving triplett
sister in Rapides Parish, LA. She was a Methodist. As a "truck" farmer, she
peddled vegetables to folks working in the camps. She also worked in the
turpentine mills.

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