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Individual Record for: Bradford KEMP (male)

    Thomas CAMP ++
  Thomas CAMP      Family Record
Bradford KEMP      Family Record Winifred STARLING ++
James TARPLEY ++
  Nancy Anne TARPLEY      Family Record
    Mary CAMP ++

Spouse Children
Mary Drucilla CAMPBELL
  (Family Record)
Nancy KEMP
Thomas KEMP

Event Date Details
Birth 5 SEP 1764 Place: Laurens Co., Laurens, South Carolina
Death 15 APR 1838 Place: Washington, Washington Par., Louisiana
From Kemp family Bible, held by E. Russ Williams, Jr.as per Leatha Ann Betts:
777 West 1000 South, Woods Cross, Utah 84087
Bradford was a farmer, whose's residence was in Washington Parish, LA
I have assumed this to be his place of death.

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